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You're not using Instagram?! GET ON BOARD QUICK!

Last week, I had a conversation with a group of business leaders and one of them mentioned that they didn't use Instagram. My jaw dropped! Not because I was surprised that they didn't have an Instagram (as most businesses do not have an Instagram or don't utilize it to it's fullest potential), but because they didn't think that Instagram was going to be helpful for their business.

Let me be the first to tell you, if you have not heard it already, YOU NEED AN INSTAGRAM!

Some Quick Facts on Instagram

  1. Instagram is the second-most downloaded free app in the Apple App Store.

  2. One BILLION people use Instagram EVERY month.

  3. 500 MILLION people use Instagram Stories EVERY day.

  4. 37% of American Adults use Instagram


"Instagram is the second-most downloaded free app in the Apple App Store."

Only YouTube has more downloads than Instagram. Notice that Facebook is number 5 on that list. What that really says is Instagram is attracting new users every year. While it's great to have Facebook, you really should get on board with Instagram to tap into a customer base you probably didn't have before.

"One BILLION people use Instagram EVERY month."

That is a crazy amount of people! Instagram is second ranked compared to Facebook at the number one position for traditional social networks.

"500 MILLION people use Instagram Stories EVERY day."

In the last three years since the Stories feature launch, it's one of the most used features on Instagram. It will be interesting to see if that is the case next year with the release of the Reels feature.

"37% of American adults use Instagram."

Among that, you will find that the age distribution of their users really goes toward a younger audience.

  • 18–29: 67%

  • 30–49: 47%

  • 50–64: 23%

  • 65+: 8%

I think it's important to mention that since Instagram is a social media platform with a large audience in the 18-49 age range, Facebook currently has an opposite age distribution. This shows that most new users to social media adopt Instagram. Very important to realize that you can grow your audience quickly by utilizing Instagram.

Don't currently have Instagram for your company? Let us help!

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